Join Pools - Borrow Interest-Free for Planned Purchases.

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Why go solo
when you
can Chippit
with mates?

Start or join a money pool on Chippit and multiply the power of your money.

What’s often difficult and time-consuming to achieve alone, is simpler with Chippit. Paying off debt, buying a car, putting down a deposit on a home, or planning a holiday — Chipping together means achieving these goals faster.

Your money
multiplied by

Chip in little

Join friends or verified members
and chip in your share.

Chip out more

Access a lump sum at your turn.
No credit checks needed.

Pay it forward

Automate your repayments to
the pool.

How it

Download the app.

Start or join groups.

Pay to the pool and
smash goals together.

So, Why Chippit?

People use Chippit for many different reasons. The most common reasons are to beat bad debt on planned purchases.

Saving for shared goals with my mates is a lot easier. We know who's keeping the faith and who's not, which helps us stay on track and support each other.

- Nat, Psychologist

Love Chippit! Finally found a way to borrow money without stress. The community is great, and everything's super clear and fair.

- Jane, Teacher

Ditched credit card debt thanks to Chippit’s low fees. Saving tons and my finances are finally under control. This app’s a game-changer

- Mike, Freelancer

extra cash.

Big expense coming up? Get a loan from the group interest-free. It's like getting your future savings early. So the more you save, the more you can access.

Trusted, Australian-owned company.

Chippit is an Australian-based company with high regard for ensuring the maximum security of your money and your data. We exist to bring powerful financial tools to Australian communities and endeavour to give everyone access to the capital they need to live their best lives. Rest assured that we will stop at nothing to ensure we always protect your money and privacy. Please see our security and privacy policy for more details.

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